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Competitive Teams

USA Gymnastics

The ACE team programs are designed to train athletes to be competitive in gymnastics competitions. Our teams travel throughout Florida and across the United States competing in qualifying competitions that will allow them to progress to regional and national level meets. Girls & Boys teams each compete on the appropriate Olympic events. The girls team compete on:

The boys team competes on:

Monthly Tuition Varies by Level

Annual Registration fee of $50 for one child or $75 family rate due each August and pro-rated quarterly. Sibling discount of $10 monthly tuition for subsequent siblings.

A Winning Combination!

Train Hard

When you're in the gym... train! The time you spend in the gym is limited. While you are there, give it all you've got.

Eat Right

Your body is like a machine. During training it expends a great deal of energy. Fuel it back up properly so that it doesn't break down on you.

Sleep Well

As much as your body needs fuel it needs rest so that it may recuperate. Make sure you get at least 8 hours of solid rest each night.